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BSB Workwear Terms & Conditions


Our Payment Terms

If terms are agreed, payment is due 30 days from the date of the invoice, otherwise payment is due on collection or before despatch of your order, Any cheque payments must clear prior to any order being completed or logos applied.

Overdue & Late Payments

We reserve the right to apply an interest charge of 2.5% per month or part thereof for overdue invoices and to withhold further supplies until the arrears are paid. In the event of BSB Workwear having to use a collection agency to recover outstanding debts, a fee amounting to 30% of the total debt will be added to cover the cost of collection.


Title of goods

The risk in the goods passes to the purchaser upon despatch, but the property in the products sold shall not pass to the buyer until the buyer has made full payment in respect of the products. The title shall remain fully in the name of BSB Workwear until the goods are paid in full.


Loss or damage whilst in the care of our Couriers

In the case of damage or shortage, the customer must notify both the carrier and BSB Workwear immediately upon receipt of the order.


VAT &  Pricing

VAT is not included on prices listed on this website, unless otherwise stated. VAT is payable on all rateable products, at the current rate.

All prices listed on this website are per garment / item unless otherwise stated. All prices and colours are correct at present time and are subject to change without notice.


Laundry Proceedures to follow.

Grooming of your garments

Through no fault of quality, pilling and bobbling can occur when fibres work loose if there is excessive friction on certain fabrics. A gentle brush usually resolves this issue.


Washing & Chemicals

Shrinkage is commonly caused by overheating in the washing machine or tumble drier, particularly on 100% cotton garments. Always follow the washing guideline instructions on the label.

Where vinyl printing or heat sealing has been applied, garments should be washed no higher than 30 degrees and never tumble dried to ensure maintaining application.

Protect garments against direct contact with chemicals such as bleaching agents in the wash, or perfume, etc.


Use of an Iron on your garments

Ironing at temperatures that are too high can cause unsightly shine marks on matt fabrics. Remember that man-made fibres are vulnerable to high heat. Turn down the iron, iron inside-out or cover with a damp tea towel beforehand. Vinyl printed or heat sealed designs should never be ironed on the same side as the application.